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Ecuador Liberalizes Labor Laws, New Paquetazo

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President Lenin Moreno has announced that Ecuador will be leaving OPEC, and also announced a packet of economic measures, known as a 'paquetazo' which will cut a gas subsidy, affecting working class citizens and small to medium-sized businesses. Citizens' Revolution lawmaker and Ecuadorean migrants representative Esther Cuesta Santana joins From the South to discuss the economic measures announced on October 1st. With the transport sector poised to strike at midnight, we discuss what can be expected from public sector workers, how the labor reforms and restructuring ties to Ecuador's IMF deal and what protests are looking like around the country. Demonstrations continue in Ecuador's northern border province of Carchi, thousands of workers were essentially fired in one go, and Ecuadoreans are once again migrating to places like Spain, Italy and the United States.