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The Stories Behind the Tweets - Puerto Rico/Colombia/Bolivia

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The Stories Behind the Tweets, hosted by William Parra, seeks to open a window to the world, to get to the bottom of stories larger than 140 characters. In the first segment we explore Puerto Rico’s oldest musical genre –the Puerto Rican bomba, which combines percussion, dancing and singing that began as a form of resistance in the slave communities on the coastal regions of the island and is still alive today. Then it´s on to San Carlos, a village in Colombia where almost 85% of the population has been displaced in the armed conflict. Now, however, amid the peace talks going on between the government and the guerrillas, many people are returning from Medellin to recover their way of life and show that reconciliation is possible. In the final segment we meet traditional mask maker Andres Pari who works at his craft in La Paz, Bolivia. Now that folk traditions are being recovered, he is no longer forced to migrate in search of work but can make a living from what he loves and what he does best. teleSUR