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The best of "Just Cause," with Colombian human rights advocate Piedad Cordoba. “Guatemala: Murder by Hunger” looks at a land where voracious multinationals have unleashed a war against the people. “Policarpio Is Hurting” is a look back at the attack on Indigenous farmers by students and other residents of Sucre with the backing of the authorities on May 24, 2008. “Red Earth” documents the struggles of landless Paraguayan peasant farmers and the Curuguaty massacre, in which a confrontation between peasants and police on June 15, 2012 left 17 dead. In “Thirst for Power / the Guarani Aquifer,” we learn that Paraguay is rich in water, but unscrupulous extraction methods, pollution, corporate voracity and the thirst for political power are placing the vital liquid at risk. “Sacred Rivers” takes us to the lands of the Lenca people in Honduras who are engaged in a struggle against the Agua Zarca hydroelectric project. “Black Earth” looks at the situation of the Garifunas, descendants of Carib, Arawak, and West African peoples in Honduras. In “Quelling Dissent in Colombia,” poets, students, activists and political prisoners talk to us about how they have faced government attempts to silence them and put an end to their protests. In the most recent program covered in this summary, “Campesinos Resist Extermination in Colombia,” we meet peasant farmers whose marches and protests were instrumental in sparking a national agrarian strike. teleSUR