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Just Cause – The Guarani Aquifer

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"Just Cause," hosted by Colombian human rights advocate Piedad Córdoba, offers a series of documentaries on Latin American economic, political and social realities. Today our host acquaints us with the Guarani Aquifer that runs beneath four Latin American countries—Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay- and covers the region once inhabited by the grand Guarani nation. Although there is enough water here to supply the entire world for 200 years, unscrupulous extraction methods, pollution, corporate voracity and the thirst for political power are placing the vital liquid at risk. In this program we learn about the importance of maintaining the recharging zones, as well as some of the harmful practices of agribusiness and the pollution caused by chemicals used in the production of genetically modified soy. We also visit campesino communities that are dealing with health problems caused by the pollution and others that are committed to environmentally friendly production. teleSUR