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Just Cause - Guatemala: Murder by Hunger

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"Just Cause", hosted by Colombian human rights advocate Piedad Córdoba, offers a series of documentaries on Latin American economic, political and social realities. It was another era when the land in what is now Guatemala was home to one of the most impressive civilizations known to humankind, the Mayas. Today, their descendants and the bearers of that ancient knowledge and culture, are vulnerable peasant communities that as a result of the actions of certain narrow interests, go hungry. Today's edition of Just Cause, "Guatemala: Murder by Hunger" takes a look at two of the rural areas, Valle de Polochic and what’s known as “Corredor Seco” in Camotán, that have been most negatively affected by an oppression and marginalization that historically revolves around dispersion, malnutrition, and murder. teleSUR